The Irish Concertina Company has been making Concertinas since 2009.

The first concertina we made was called the Dubliner / Clare
In 2014 we introduced our Vintage Concertina and then in
 2018 we Launched our Eirú Concertina in Milltown Malbay at the Willie Clancy week.

The best quality materials go into making our instruments. The time and effort that is spent on each instrument shows through on the finished product. We want the player to get the best experience and enjoyment possible out of our instruments and because of this we offer the player time to break the instrument in, and if there are adjustments needed such as, action or tuning, the player can get this work done as part of our service. We value our customers and often learn from their suggestions.

We make a high quality product and we also stand over our instruments for 5 years

This  5 Guarantee covers labour and parts.

Please phone us if only for advice. 

The New Eirú Concertina played by Sharon O leary

Quality Concertinas The Clare & The Vintage & Eirú Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland

All of our Concertina’s are crafted to perfection with the player in mind. We have spent the last 10 years developing Concertina’s with superb quality sound and effortless playability.

Specialising in The Clare (mid-range) and The Vintage and The Eirú (top of the range)

We employ 5 Irish staff to produce these quality instruments within a reasonable time period for our customers. General waiting period for The Clare is 2-3 weeks, and for The Vintage 3-4 weeks. The Eirú takes a little longer to make as the reeds are specially engineered to create a more mellow sound, and thus providing an increase in sound quality and response.
By working as a team of 5 we can produce a top quality instrument that doesn’t take years to make. We are the first makers of Concertinas in Ireland, established in 2008.

See the Glass Case page for Concertinas available today.


“I will not separate myself a second from the concertina -well, now I played it a little bit and I am really fond of it -nice mechanics nice sound easy bellows . a dream of concertina -I am suddenly a better player ! Compliments.”  Fulvio Quattrocchi (Germany)

Liam O Brien Playing the Clare Concertina

About Our Concertina’s


Our instruments are made here in Dublin, at An Siopa Ceoil 184 Crumlin Road. We have a workshop to the rear of the shop where you can see the process in action.


concertina ireland
The Vintage – Top Of The Range

The Vintage is our top of the range instrument equipped with singular brass plated Concertina reeds to produce the classic Concertina sound. The fast response and warm tone from our Vintage is second to none. Handcrafted Concertina Ireland.

For more info on The Vintage Concertina click here.



concertina ireland
The Clare – Mid Range

The Clare is the perfect Concertina for students moving up from a beginner instrument. The fast response of the button action allows the player to achieve ornamentation and fast rolls with ease. The quality tone of the handmade Italian reeds among the many other features makes this the best mid range Concertina available. Handcrafted Concertina Ireland.

For more info on The Clare Concertina click here.


Concertina Model
Reed TypeItalian Professional Aluminium Brass Riveted Concertina ReedsBrass Clamped Concertina Reeds (with inside angle for improved air flow)
Bellows6 Fold Leather 7 fold Leather7 Fold Leather
ActionRiveted Lever, Fast ResponseRiveted Lever,Fast ResponseRiveted Lever and Round Post,Fast Response
Drone ButtonNoNoYes
Wood TypeWenge/Walnut & CherryRosewood & Wenge Various Exotic Hardwoods Available
Maple InlayNoYesYes
ButtonsSolid Dome Headed SteelSolid Dome Headed SteelSolid Dome Headed Steel
StrapPlain Leather (adjustable both ends)Plain Leather (adjustable both ends)Plain Leather with Padding (adjustable both ends)
CaseQuality Felt Lined Hard CaseQuality Felt Lined Hard CaseQuality Bespoke Handmade Case
Handcrafted In IrelandYesYesYes
Guarantee5 Year Guarantee (Parts & Labour)5 Year Guarantee (Parts & Labour)5 Year Guarantee (Parts & Labour)

Concertina Ireland


The Irish Concertina Company

The Irish Concertina Company