The Swift RED

The Swift RED (Information Page)

This is an information page set up to help potential Concertina buyers avoid misleading information about a certain red Concertina that is available to buy on the internet.

This Concertina is being advertised as a different name, but for the sake of this article we will call it the “Red Swift”.

The Red Swift is being sold at a price of €1595. (from elsewhere on the internet)
The Steel Swift sold by us is priced at €799.

So what is the difference? And why is the Red Swift twice the price?

The simple answer is, other than the colour….there is no difference!

There is absolutely no reason for the Red Concertina to be priced so ridiculously above it’s true value. The features of these two Concertinas are identical in every single way.

Where are these Concertinas made? The answer is China.

We have always been open about where our beginner instruments are made. All beginner Concertinas are mass produced in China, including our TINA beginner range.

The seller of this Red Concertina claims that they are made in Ireland which holds absolutely no truth. The only people making Concertinas in Ireland are The Irish Concertina Company and Jose Claro.

If a Concertina has a bird name its made in China. Be it Swift, Swallow. Even extinct birds names.

How do we have a Red Concertina?

Because we requested these to be made by our supplier. While testing different beginner models we requested our supplier to make a Blue, Black and Red Swift. We decided against taking these models any further as they did not have the finish we were looking for. The Steel end version was far superior to the painted Red on plywood.

By advertising the Red Concertina at €1595 it gives a misleading representation of it’s quality. In most cases the price reflects the quality, but this is NOT the case with the Red Concertina.

If you are looking to move up from a basic beginner Concertina to a mid-range, the next step is a handmade instrument. in our case this is the Clare Concertina. available at €2000.



The Irish Concertina Company

The Irish Concertina Company