Eirú Príomh Concertina and Eirú

From September we will have 2 types of Eirú. The reason for these changes is to give players more options.


The first will be the Eirú {Silver Badge]  and the 2nd will be the Príomh Eirú [Brass Badge]

The Eirú  {Silver Badge} will have  has singular, brass plate,  clamped Concertina reeds. The special feature’s  of the reeds, is the tongue sits on the brass plate or shoe  and is Clamped.
These reeds are high quality reeds the same as the Príomh Eirú but will not have the angling on the inside of the reeds.
About the Príomh Eirú Concertina

The Eirú Concertina is the highest quality Irish made Concertina available. The smooth responsive action, beautiful sound and stunning appearance are some of the many qualities of this top of the range instrument.


Our instruments are made here in Dublin, at An Siopa Ceoil 184 Crumlin Road. We have a workshop to the rear of the shop where you can see the process in action.

The Reeds


The Eirú Príomh has singular, brass plate,  clamped Concertina reeds. The special feature’s  of the reeds, is the tongue sits on the brass plate or shoe  and is Clamped.

These clamped reeds  have been designed and engineered using state of the art technology.  To explain there is angling done on the inside of the shoe to allow for better air flow  as the reed tongue travels through the Brass shoe / Plate. This produces optimum sound performance.
This style of  clamping the tongue also gives the reed an improved sound.

This angling allows for better airflow as there is less friction on the tongue as it passes through the Brass Plate/shoe  and this in turn gives the reed a more mellow sound.



The Eirú comes in a variety of exotic hardwoods including Wenge (dark almost black), Maple (white) and Rosewood (deep red). Depending on your wood choice, a contrasting inlay is added to the frame. The design on the end frame is very intricate with a line etching added.

There is the option of a drone button on the Eirú. Our standard drone  notes are C/F  D/D or C/C

Features Include:

– 31 Button C/G Concertina
– Brass Plate Clamped Concertina Reeds
– Inside Reed Angled  for less restrictive Air Flow
– Dovetailed reed slots
– 7 fold leather bellows
– Solid Exotic Hardwood Ends (Options Available)
– Riveted Round Post Levers, Responsive Action
– Button Pressure 35 grams
– Drone Button
– Padded Leather Strap
– 5 Year Guarantee
– Solid Bespoke Hardcase with Strap [options on coloour & style

Price  €4000
(The price also includes a solid, fitted hardcase.)

The Playability


The Eirú Concertina is an effortless instrument to play. This is due to a combination of several different factors. The button action is set to an equal pressure throughout, meaning that all 31 keys have the same feel and quick response. The riveted round post levers also contribute to the quality of the action.

The 7 fold leather bellows are slimmer than most other Concertinas allowing the instrument to feel “free” without any restrictions. The padded leather straps also help in providing the player with a comfortable experience.




The Eirú Concertina played by Caitlin Ní Gabhann, at our shop in Milltown Malbay at the Willie Clancy Week 2019


Please see video’s of the Eirú. Click video to play and increase size.




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