The Vintage Concertina

‘The Vintage’ Concertina

We make these Concertinas In The Classic Way, with separate hardwood reed pans. The reeds are top quality Brass Plated Traditional style, “Singular Concertina Reeds” with steel tongues.


The  Eirú Concertina played by Sharon O leary

Francis Droney Playing the Vintage Concertina


Patrick O Loughlan – Vintage Concertina


Our Vintage Concertinas are top of the range professional quality. We handcraft our 7 fold Bellows using high grade leather. The Vintage has a 19th century design inspired grill pattern, with high shine steel buttons and silver thumbscrews. Choice of exotic Hardwoods including Rosewood, Mahogany, Wenge Wood.

The button action of the Vintage concertina is superb. Every button is set to 25 gram pressure, ensuring an even level of playability throughout. The rivited levers provide the player with the response needed for fast ornamentation and rolls.

As a means to eliminate long waiting times for top of the range Concertinas, we employ 5 Irish staff to keep up with the demand. This enables us to supply a Vintage Concertina to customers within a 6 – 8 week period.

Features Include:

– 30 Button C/G Concertina
– Brass plate Concertina reeds
– Dovetailed reed slots
– 7 fold leather bellows
– Solid Exotic Hardwood Ends (Optional Inlay)
– Riveted levers, Responsive Action
– Button Pressure 25 grams
– 5 Year Guarantee
Price  €3300


“I will not separate myself a second from the concertina -well, now I played it a little bit and I am really fond of it -nice mechanics nice sound easy bellows . a dream of concertina -I am suddenly a better player ! Compliments.”  Fulvio Quattrocchi (Germany)


The Irish Concertina Company

The Irish Concertina Company