Best Beginner Concertinas

Best Beginner Concertinas & Value For Money

The Irish Concertina Company are the only makers of professional and mid-level concertinas that also sell beginner concertinas. 

We began by selling accordions and over time we saw how the concertina was gaining in popularity. We decided to enter the market by selling beginner concertinas. It was from there that we began creating our own range of professional level concertinas and making them by hand.

From day one we have been listening to our customers, teachers, parents and pupils alike.

One teacher in particular has been telling me that for as long as he is buying instruments from me, that the beginner player whether that be a child or adult needs no more than the basic instrument to get started.

Mick Brophy says that the basic concertina can be €400 to €800 depending on your pocket, but no one need spend more than this to get started.

When is it time to buy a handmade instrument?

The time to buy a handmade instrument is when the teacher starts the class on rolls and ornamentation. The beginner concertinas are not designed to play rolls, the springs are not set individually at the proper tension. The student won’t be able to use their beginner instrument for this.

Now its time.

The real concertina is a Hand Made Instrument and not an expensive and overpriced Chinese model that has been manufactured.

How can you tell the difference between a hand made concertina and one that has been manufactured in China?

The Answer is easy and its obvious on the shop shelves. 

All the Chinese made instruments have a birds name on them. Our Swift for example is one, Swallow is another, Wren, even the Pheonix.

Our Beginner Concertinas


We import two different beginner concertinas.

The first is the ‘Tina’ that comes in Black/Brown. As a basic beginner instrument there is little improvement that can be done without changing the price, and this is something that we didn’t want to do. Once we had the maker’s add an extra board under the buttons in order to keep the buttons aligned, which has improved the instrument.

We recommend the ‘Swift’ as a higher quality beginner instrument not an improver, we have worked with the factory on the Swift concertina and because of our involvement they now produce a better sounding instrument. The Swift has individual action and a high quality reeds which gives the instrument a better sound than many other instruments within with price range. Many instruments can be wrongly advertised as ‘HandMade’ and can cost twice the price.

For a guide for parents who are first time buyers of concertinas, click here! 
Our Concertinas are made on site in our workshop at The Trad Shop: An Siopa Ceoil, 184 Crumlin Road, Dublin. Click here to visit The Trad Shop.

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The Irish Concertina Company

The Irish Concertina Company