Best Beginner Concertina with value for your money in mind

We are the only maker’s of concertinas in the world who also sell beginner instruments, and the  reason for this is we started off selling accordions and beginner concertinas. I’ll specify here that  we do not make beginner instrument but we  have a key role in the design of the instruments, especially the latest version of the Swift.

As from day one we have been dealing  with teachers, parents and pupils..

One teacher in particular has been telling me for as long as he is buying instruments from me, that the beginner child or adult needs no more than the basic instrument to get started. Mick Brophy says that the basic can be the  €350 or  €700 depending on your pocket, but no one need spend more than this to get started.

Once the student finds that the instrument has done its time and they can’t progress any further with the concertina, than it’s time to find a real instrument.The real concertina Mick is referring to is a hand made instrument and not an expensive and overpriced Chinese Model.

We import 2 different beginner concertinas, The first is the Tina Black or Brown and as a basic beginner there is little improvement that can can be done without changing the price which we don’t want to do. We had the maker’s  add an extra board under the buttons in order to keep the buttons aligned. This has improved the instrument.
The 2nd Beginner instrument is the Tina Swift. We have worked with the makers on the Swift beginner concertina and they have produced a better sounding beginner instrument, which has individual action and better sounding reeds than the majority of other instrument’s that are twice the price and WRONGLY advertised as hand made.

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The Irish Concertina Company

The Irish Concertina Company